Dansey's Pass, Otago, New Zealand


Queenstown quails
Small kiwi cicada
Handsome great tit poser
Wasp snack
A fuzzy bumblebee
Foraging voles
Elegant sparkly beetle
Black redstart siblings
Water lilies
Out of a fairy world
Young alpine ibex
Beautiful demoiselles
Perched on the mountains
The rest of the seagull
The lizards from Nice
A shelter for a blackbird chick
Pumpkin orange ladybird
Fluffing competition
Marmots of the Mercantour
Face to face
Bird sickness, bird boldness?
Views of Carpenter Lake
Wintery Central Park (1)
Wintery Central Park (2)
Be natural in 2015
New year, new style
Mountain goat nanny & kid
The cranes of Bayreuth
Pseudoscorpion bug
Barnacle army
Monochrome ducks
Dance of the planets
Inquisitive red squirrel
Blue tit poses
Mysterious cypress knees
Early spring bloom
Frogs & eggs
Sparrow lady
Evening with a buck
Duck threesome
The snake trail
Prerow’s swan star
In amplexus
Season’s goslings
Blackcap fledglings
Guest of honor
Embryo & shell
Little egret from Brittany
The smallest European tit
A discrete life by the stream
Fishing lesson at the canal



The Asian Wild Horse
Feral, not wild (updated 23/02/2018)
An encounter with the Przewalski horse at the Haus zur Wildnis (part 1)
The last extant wild horse (part 2)
A prehistoric horse who lived through the Ice Age (part 3)
A meat and trophy horse until the late 18th century (part 4)
An object of European curiosity from the 19th century (part 5)
Potential historic range (Part 6)
The lethal transformations of the East-Asian steppe (part 7)
The end of a wild journey (part 8)
Walking on thin ice (part 9)
Being wild in the wild (part 10)
Overview of reintrodution initiatives (part 11)
Reintroduction hazards (part 12)

Oceans of Plastic
How we filled the oceans with plastic in just over 60 years
Plastic waste: an ill-managed pollution problem
3 reasons why we shouldn’t produce more plastic than we need

The EU takes a step forward to prevent vulture intoxication by diclofenac
Paris and Ile-de-France: a parrots’ heaven


The cheeky fantails of Lake Rotoroa
Jay the ripper (great tits)
Life & death at the fieldfare corner
Return of the mystery bird (hawfinch)
Three blue tit chicks on the loose (blue tits, short film)
A bow to the breeding parents
From nestling to fledgling (blue tits and blackbirds)
A playground for black redstart chicks
Time to move on (black redstarts)
A cosy cradle of concrete (black redstarts)

Amanita muscaria at Dunedin Northern Cemetery
Life in a bag
A quest for the New Zealand mantis
Fifth Instar Monarch larvae
One shelter for two squirrels


New Zealand
Stevensons Island: a small, intimate bird heaven on Lake Wanaka

Quiberon: a former island turned presque-isle (Brittany)
Fischland-Darss-Zingst: a land of flats and contrasts (Baltic Sea)
A first-time exploration of the Mercantour from Roubion (Alps/Mercantour)
Going up the old salt route to the Col de Fenestre (Alps/Mercantour)
Spotted at the Haus zur Wildnis (Bavarian Forest)
The Haus zur Wildnis: a zoo in the forest (Bavarian Forest)