Oat bran choco cake recipe

Cakes are one of the first food people who try loosing weight or sustain a healthy diet ban from their menu. This bad reputation is well-deserved since most cakes contain loads of refined wheat flour and plain sugar which are unhealthy ingredients. Many also contain trans fat, a type of artificial fat first developed in the early 1900’s that has been linked to cardiovascular diseases since the 1990’s―it is now being phased out in the United States following a recent decision of the FDA.

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Whole almond-rye-raisin bread recipe

Whole bread has character, is filling and, most importantly, is a wholesome food unlike white bread.

For this recipe, use 100% whole organic flours to avoid chemical residues from pesticides. The bread from the pictures below is made with whole flours by Alnatura, a German brand. However, since we can never be sure how processed are the flours we buy, it is good to: (1) add a table spoon of germ and one of bran to the dough (both can be purchased separately at organic markets); or (2) whenever possible, purchase the raw cereals (whole kernels) and ground them yourself with a home-grinder machine.


100 g whole organic rye flour
100 g whole organic wheat flour
50 g almond powder
50 g whole oat flakes
50 g raisins
25 cl lukewarm water
fresh yeast
a pinch of salt

Tools needed:

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