A cosy cradle of concrete

The birds fly down to the underground parking through this large opening, which is also used as the way out by the fledglings.

For a couple days, an adult male and a female black redstart have been flying down to my building’s underground parking with food in their beak. I investigated and found out they are nesting there. I am sure that these two birds are the parents of Apache, Spot and Ring, the friendly chicks that visited my feeding station for three weeks. Now that the parents are raising a new clutch, the fledglings from the first clutch are moving away from their birth site to make Continue reading

Out of a fairy world

Built in the woods, these impressive, fairy-like moth nests contain hundreds of caterpillars in pupation. I could not identify which butterfly or moth species creates such sophisticated constructions, so suggestions are very welcome!

Location: Aichig, Germany

Three Blue Tit Chicks on the Loose (short film)

The events depicted in the short video below took place over the course of six hours on May 25, 2014. For a full account of these events and some background, you can read From Nestling to Fledgling. For best viewing quality, select HD (1080p) and enlarge video.Regrettably, I was unable to get a proper video of the precious fledging moments even though it occured three times before my marvelled eyes. This is due to my camera’s technical limitations and because I had to save my battery life for the whole event: it was impossible for me to keep the camera running until the hesistant chicks made up their mind―which took a very long time!