Feral, not wild

There is nothing but feral horses on the earth. The fascination with the Przewalski horse, the so-called last wild horse, may have well come to an abrupt end. A new horse DNA study by Orlando et al. has revealed that the Mongolian horse is in fact feral, not wild as previously thought. This is a huge surprise and casts a veil on the true origin of the modern horse. It will be interesting to see what future studies unravel.

Przewalski Horses at the Haus zur Wildnis, Germany

Przewalski Horses at the Haus zur Wildnis, Germany. Credit: Yalakom

For more information about this new study, you can read the following article: Ancient DNA upends the horse family tree, published by Sience on February 22.

Naturally, these findings make parts of my story of the Asian Wild Horse obsolete and inaccurate, but I will not blame you if you still wish to have a read! There is no denial that the story of the Przewalski horse remains an interesting one at the very least from a conservation and historic point of view.

Views of Carpenter Lake

Fall impressions of Carpenter Lake captured from a viewpoint near Pearson Ridge in Gold Bridge, BC, Canada. With a length of 50 km and width of 1 km, this artificial lake is the largest of the three reservoirs of the Bridge River Power Project, the two others being Downton Lake and Seton Lake.

The colossal reservoir quickly fills up in the spring as glaciers melt and then empties from Continue reading