Blackcap fledglings

Here are some photos of Eurasian blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) fledglings.

I discovered the nest well hidden in a small bush two days ago. The nestlings all fledged early this morning and I was lucky enough to be there for this special moment. I could spot three of them briefly popping their heads out of the thick vegetation before disappearing back inside where their parents would come to feed them.

Here are some pictures of the nest before the chicks fledged. Sorry for the poor image quality, they were taken with a point-and-shoot camera in a pretty dark corner.

Location: Bayreuth, Germany

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4 thoughts on “Blackcap fledglings

  1. Thanks for stopping by navasolanature and thanks for your nice comment! I had never seen blackcaps until this spring and was really lucky to come across this nest over the long WE. It is easy to miss the nests because they are really concealed in the bushes and the chicks are rather quiet. I hope you get to seem some young blackcaps soon!


  2. Redstarts are very cool too! I had two young visiting my window feeder last spring and it was a lot of fun! I hope you get to see some redstart chicks 🙂


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