The snake trail

On a recent trip to the Fischland-Darss-Zingst Peninsula (German Baltic coast), I came across various specimens of grass snake (Natrix natrix), a glorious sighting. Concealed under the dry ferns bordering the trail, the non-venomous snakes were busy mating and let me take a few pictures of them from a very close distance.

Location: Fischer-Darss-Zingst Peninsula, Germany

10 thoughts on “The snake trail

  1. Snakes!!
    Now, there’s something I like more than bugs, that is snakes! Beautiful creatures!
    18-200mm does quite a decent for macro too it seems.
    You are on a roll with “sexy nature” theme lately haha, first duck threesome, now mating snakes? What might we see next week? 😛


  2. Ahaha true, sexy nature… and one more coming up soon :p it is spring after all 🙂 Snakes are very cool, I like them a lot too. I got to play with two captive ones a couple years ago, had them around for a whole evening, fell asleep with one of them on me, and of course it ran away…

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  3. The lens is 55-200mm, it does well for big enough things, not for bugs. I get frustrated for macro shots even but even more so when I need a wide angle, which happened quite a bit lately, landscapes you know…

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  4. Ah yes, it’s not 18mm, I had it mixed up. Indeed, especially with a APS-C sensor, 55 is too tight for landscape. I have the Sigma 18-35mm as a general purpose, the Lake District photos were taken using it, I still think that’s not wide enough at 18mm. That’s why I’ve bought a 10mm Samyang lens, all of my aurora photos were taken using that, it gets a whole lot of scenery in for not too much buck


  5. Captive ones? Did you catch them? What species were they? I hope you managed to find them again haha, otherwise they might turn up to surprise your guests one day 😛
    I look forward to more spring frolicking of the frisky animals 😉


  6. Really, 18mm not enough? That’s good to know. I would be glad to have either a wide angle or macro but can’t invest too much right now!


  7. They were young pythons, a male and a female. The female was really gentle, that’s the one than ran off in the apartment but she was found 🙂

    I hope you like the next few blogs then 🙂

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