Pseudoscorpion bug

The sight of this astonishing little critter was a puzzling experience. Although I had never encountered a scorpion before, this minuscule animal sure looked liked one that lost its tail. Besides, I assumed scorpions only live in arid zones such as deserts (wrongly: see scorpion range map here) while this one was spotted in the Chilcotin Mountains, BC, Canada, at an altitude of over 2,000 m.

This creature is a pseudoscorpion, a bug belonging to the arachnid family like spiders. You can count four legs on each side of its cephalothorax (not clearly separated from the abdomen here) on the above image.

Unlike scorpions, these creatures are harmless to humans. A couple thousands species of pseudoscorpion are presently known and more continue to be discovered. Due to their minuscule size, they are indeed difficult to spot.

They can be found in many parts of the globe under varied climatic conditions. Below are two photos of the area inhabited by this little guy.

Location: Chilcotin Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

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