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Welcome to YALAKOM, a collection of articles, narratives and photographs documenting some of the wildlife, especially birds, encountered on my local patches, presently in New Zealand (South Island). Some articles are concerned with important nature conservation issues I found worthwhile researching and sharing.

Below are the most read articles; you can easily browse the rest using the thematic index. I hope you enjoy the read and find what you are looking for. Feel free to get in touch for any inquiry.

Latest story

Global plastic production 1950-2012

WORLD – How we filled the oceans with plastic in just over 60 years

Seabirds lead a precarious existence. Their marine habitats worldwide are littered with so much plastic trash that they often mistake plastic for food. As a result, scientists recently estimated that 90% of all individual seabirds have ingested plastic… Continue reading

European Vultures

EUROPE – The EU takes a step forward to prevent vulture intoxication by diclofenac, a drug that decimated vulture populations in Asia. Continue reading

Fieldfare Fledgling

GERMANY – Discussing and documenting the rough fate of five fieldfare fledglings, including a disabled one. Continue reading

Hawfinch (adult male)

GERMANY – Return of the mystery bird, aka the magnificent hawfinch, to my bird feeder along with his two adorable chicks. Continue reading

Great tit fledling

GERMANY – A clutch of great tit fledglings hunted down by a tenacious Eurasian jay with some inevitable casualties. Continue reading

Roubion, France

FRENCH ALPS – Exploring the wilds of Roubion, a charmning perched medieval village of the Parc National du Mercantour. Continue reading

Przewalski horses

MONGOLIA – An attempt to trace the fascinating story of the rare Przewalski horse, the last truly wild horse, in twelve parts. Get started with Part 1

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This nature blog was featured in BBC Wildlife Magazine’s December 2014 issue, view here (p 16), and the following wildlife photographs have been featured on the web or in print:

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